Working with WordPress

WordPress is a framework or modular toolbox to create static and dynamic websites. For designing a website, you have pages and posts for organising your content, and your have tools for design and layout like themes, menus and widgets. When you need special functionality, you will add plug-ins for your needs. Themes and plug-ins are developped by different persons and companies. Many themes and plug-ins are free, for others you have to pay.
Another aspect for the design with WordPress is if you design single websites (singlesite) or multiple websites (multisite) within an installation frame. A default WordPress-Site is a singlesite.
When designing a website with WordPress there are many solutions you have to find for yourself. WordPress itself gives you guidelines for buildinga up a website, and you have to find your theme and you plug-ins and how to configure them. This may be a time-consuming work.
Here you’ll find tips and solutions for building up and maintaining a WordPress framework.